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Great Political Migraton of 2021

Road to 270 and Beyond

The Great Political Migration of 2021 cannot be understated and may go on to imact national elections for the next several decades. These sort of migrations have a lasting impact as they can reallocate tax income and federal funding while changing the balance of Congressional seats if the migration is significant enough. Preliminary observations of the raw data showcase that Americans abandoned Blue States (Liberal, Left-Leaning) in considerable numbers to head to the presumably 'greener pastures' of Red States (Conservative, Right-Leaning). Reasons for this migration pattern cited by Mainstream Media typically revolve around job changes, lower cost-of-living, safety, a more wholesome environment for child-rearing, and - perhaps most telling - political leaning.

There is little doubt that the heavy-handed nature of 'Blue Policies' has contributed to driving away many Republican / Conservatives fed up with the draconian COVID restrictions, its related mandates, and generally having no voice in the direction of their local municipalities and states - preferring instead to uproot lives in search of a better personal / familial situation.

NOTE: Numbers below are presented directly from those stemming from Census.gov report that can be found on this page.

Key observations of this report include the top ten states to see population declines in 2021 - six of the ten being reliably Blue States (California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and D.C.) in addition to two being 'Swing States' that have historically swung in favor of Democrats (Michigan and Pennsylvania). The only two Red States in the top ten to see a population decline in 2021 were Louisiana (Reliably Red) and Ohio (Swing State, leaning Red as of late).

Note that Texas, Florida, and Tennessee do not have an Income State tax, which adds to the concept of lower cost-of-living compared to high-tax burden states heavy on social policies like California, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York.

Conversely, the states in this listing to see increases in its population base are led by Reliably Red Texas and Swing States Florida and Arizona (historically Red), North Carolina (Swing State), Georgia (Swing State), South Carolina (Reliably Red), Utah (Reliably Red), Tennessee (Reliably Red), and Idaho (Reliably Red). Nevada, leaning Blue as of late and a Swing State in general, rounded out the top ten.

What these figures ultimately reveal may not be known for some time but may begin to show up as soon as the 2024 Presidential Election. The primary question remains, however, are the new arrivals seeking to 'escape or reshape' their new destinations?
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina
District of Colombia (D.C.)
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