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Joe Biden Approval Rating (2022)

The President's Approval Rating per TARi Index Formula

2021's approval information can be found here.

The True Approval Rating Index, or 'T.A.R.i'., utilizes our in-house formula to generate a current approval rating of the current president. Traditional polling has proven itself quite unreliable since the 2016 Presidential election cycle, the current approach typiclly not encompassing a true voting base by working from a small subset of results, leading to a higher-than-normal approval for any acting president of the United States. Our formula goes further to produce a more accurate (and realistic) result, tracking seven major factors to produce a more streamlined approval rating better reflecting the general national mood.

The area chart below compares Biden 2022 to Trump 2018 and Obama 2014, the second year of each respective President's term.

Amidst a backdrop of rampant inflation, talk of a 3Q recession, a peaking housing market, the War in Ukraine, high gas prices, rising crime / gun violence, ongoing supply issues, baby formula shortages, and COVID-19 complexities, Biden begins his second year behind both Obama (20.4) and Trump (19.52) with a January TARi rating of 18.0. This did not improve in March where he trailed both Obama and Trump with a rating of 16.2. Biden received a short-lived approval 'bump' but has been regressing again ever since. His high was in January 2021 with a score of 29.1. In July 2022, it sits at just 17.3, a precipitious 11.8 point drop with no recovery in sight - if it can be believed, Biden is trending lower than his predecessor Donald Trump.

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