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Democratic Party Virtues

Causes, Associations, & Alignments

The Democratic Party use to have leaders like Kennedy embodied by quotes such as: 'Let Us Be Grateful - Today we give our thanks most of all, for the ideals of honor and faith we inherit from our forefathers...'

Today, the modern version of this same party (by way of walking, talking Gaffe Machine Joe Biden) has given the Americans quotes like: 'But no amendment - no amendment to the Constitution is absolute', 'If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black', and 'You're a lying dog-faced pony soldier'.

The following is a collection of actual and / or perceived causes, qualities, and alignments typically associated with the modern Democratic Party and paints a very interesting picture. Additionally included are actual core party values as well as perceptions (whether true or untrue) and official / unofficial stances of the party itself. This showcase includes all topics - both good and bad - as viewed by party insiders, party outsiders, and data revealed by way of published surveys and general polling of potential voters.

Give one party all of the control in government (as voters did in 2020) and you find that over 70% of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction and that its condition will only worsen in the next five years (August 2022).
"Since its founding in 1829, the Democratic Party has fought against every major civil rights initiative, and has a long history of discrimination."

- Carol Swain, Professor of Political Science, Vanderbilt University
The party has been the originator of several controversial / unconstitutional initiatives:

Jim Crow Laws (1870-1965)
Enacted by white Southern Democrat-dominated state legislatures to limit blacks (politically and economically) during the Reconstruction Period following the conclusion of the American Civil War (1861-1865).
Committee on Public Information (1917-1919)
President Woodrow Wilson's (D) administration established the agency to influence (through censorship) American public support for the United States during World War 1 (1914-1918).
Japanese-American Internment (1942)
By direct order of President Franklin Roosevelt (D), internment camps were established during World War 2 (by way of Executive Order 9066) which incarcerated Japanese - including American citizens - into camps set up across the Western interior.
Dixiecrats (1948)
Breakaway Democratic Party southerners who wanted to maintain racial segregation following the close of World War 2 (1939-1945).
COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate (2020)
Established by the Biden (D) administration, without due process, to force vaccination among Americans at the corporate/industry level where employment exceeded 500 personnel. This mandate was eventually struck down by the Supreme Court - though a similar health industry mandate was allowed to stand.
Misinformation Governance Board (2022)
Established by the Biden (D) administration six months ahead of mid-term elections - perceived by many to be an impending Red Wave of Republican support, thereby shifting the balance of power in Washington - to 'support counter-information activities'. However, the initiative was very vaguely worded, leading to potential considerable abuses in power by the party in control. The initiative was put on hold after much backlash in May 2022 and abandoned outright in August of 2022.
Self-Billed as the 'Party of the People'
Viability of Candidates Based on Gender and/or Race
Focus on Social Policies (Tax-Payer / Middle-class Burden)
'Government to Cure All Societal Ills'
Fear-Mongering as a Tool for Obedience / Control (Acid Rain Scare of the 1980s; COVID in 2020; Climate Change in 2022)
Public Demonization of the Right / Conservatives as 'Extremists', 'Anti-Democracy', and 'Fascists' ('Pot Calling the Kettle Black')
Utilization of DoJ and FBI to Silence Opponents / Future Candidates
'No amendment to the Constitution is absolute.' - J.Biden 2021
Attempted Misinformation Governance Board ('Ministry of Truth')
Expansion of the IRS (Middle Class Threat)
Belief / Support that 'Men Can Get Pregnant'
Placing Union Groups Ahead of State and National Economic Health
Publicly Attack Opposition Candidate w Documented Mental Health Issues (H.Walker, GA Senate Race)
'F**K the Fourth Rally'
(Pima County Democratic Party)
January 6 Committee
(Partisan Political Theater; Televised Modern-Day Witch-Hunt Conveniently Ahead of Midterm Elections)
Student Loan Forgiveness
(Tax-Payer / Middle-class Burden)
Federal Rights
Over State's Rights
Health Mandates (Forced COVID-19 Vaccine Against Risk of Job Loss)
Federal Overreach (By Way of Mandates, Executive Orders)
Short-Sighted Policy-Making ('Kicking the Can Down the Road')
'Agenda or Bust' / 'You're Either With Us or Against Us' Approach
Expansion of Federal Government / Authority
Keeping Minority Voters on a 'Mental Plantation' (Reliant on Government)
'Sacrifice of the Many for the Benefit of the Few'
Social Safety Nets = More Productive Workforce
Forced Social Policies (Social Security, ObamaCare)
Firearms Restrictions for Law Abiding Private Citizens (Anti-2nd Amendment Stance)
Universal Background Checks on All
Support of Expansion of the Supreme Court ('Packing the Court') to Ensure Left-Leaning Response
Preference for Equality over Freedom (Polling Data)
Support of Abolishment of Electoral College (a Founding Father's Establishment)
Abolishment / Suspension of Filibuster to Achieve Party Goals
Progressive Party Wing
Socialist Party Wing
Marxist Leanings / Communist Leanings
Political Showmanship / Heavy on Virtue Signaling
Hypocrisy / Hypocritical Leadership ('Do as I Say, Not As I Do')
Pro-D.C. Statehood
'Tax and Spend' Policies
'Kick the Can Down the Road'
(Future Debt Burden)
Internal Party Conflict
(Public Infighting)
Messaging / Communications Issues
Likely to Alter Constitution / Founding Values (2nd Amendment)
More Likely to Strip Individual Rights / Freedoms / Challenge Civil Liberties (COVID-19)
Likely to Alter Constitution / Founding Values (2nd Amendment)
Rewrite Title IX (Female Sports Protection) to Include Biological Males
Climate Change Policies (Anti-Industry)
Increased Federal Regulation of Industry / Society
Increased Federal Control Over Childhood Education
Anti-Home Schooling
'Menstruating People' (Refusal to use or publicly define 'female')
Increase Corporate Taxes ('Pay Their Fair Share')
Increase Taxes on the Wealthy ('Pay Their Fair Share')
Unwavering 'Big Tech' Support (Media Control / Propaganda Arm)
'Dixiecrat' History (Southern Segregationalists)
Committee on Public Info. (Historical, 1917-1919)
Acid Rain Craze of the 1980s
Jim Crow Laws (Historical, 1870-1965)
Internment of Japanese-Americans (Historical, ExOrd 9066)
Thomas Jefferson
Andrew Jackson
Woodrow Wilson
Franklin D. Roosevelt
John F. Kennedy
Lyndon B. Johnson
Jimmy Carter
Bill Clinton
Barack Obama
Afghanistan Exit Debacle of August 2021 (Leading to Death of 13 U.S. Marines)
Divisive Rhetoric ('Towing the Party Line')
Demonizing Conservatives / Republicans Through the Media
Heavy Utilization of Executive Order to Bypass Traditional Political Systems
'No amendment to the Constitution is absolute'
Oldest U.S. President Ever Elected (Visible Decline in Cognitive Function)
Politicization of American Armed Forces (Labor Day 2022 Speech in Front of USMC Guard)
Reading Cue Cards Offering the Most Basic of Action Instructions on Stage
Career Politician Out of Touch with the Middle-class
False Claims / Exaggerations / Rewritten History / General Disconnect
'Let's Go Brandon' (Derogatory Chant by the Right)
#FJB (Derogatory Tag for the Right)
Weak Leadership / Natural Non-Leader
'Throw Money at It' Foreign Policy Approach
'Throw Money at It' Domestic Policy Approach ('Printing Money')
'Anti-Trump Vote' /
'Default' Candidate / 'Empty Suit' Candidate
Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal (Silenced by Left-Wing Media)
Walking, Talking Gaffe Machine
Jimmy Carter 2.0
History of Racist Remarks and Political Actions / Connections
Viability of VP Running Mate Based Solely on Race / Gender (K.Harris)
'If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black'
Supported 1994 Crime Law (Leading to Mass Incarceration of Minorities)
'Hiden Biden' / 'Sleepy Joe' / 'Dementia Joe' / 'Diaper Joe' / 'Clueless Joe Jackson' / 'Senile Creeper' / 'Xiden' / 'China Joe'
Long Documented History of Inappropriate Comments and Actions Regarding / Towards Females
Left-Wing Media Support / Shielding ('Given a Pass')
Administration Protection / Public Shielding (Handlers)
Out-of-Touch, Progressive-Minded Administration
Complete Trust in Elected Leaders / Government Authorities
Self-Billed as Virtuous
'Hypocrisy of the Left' / 'Lunacy of the Left'
Baracuda Mentality (Will Eat Their Own - the 'Barracuda Effect')
'I Read News From Both Sides to Be Better Informed'
Self-Billed as 'Educated', 'Intellectual'
Staunch Pro-Abortion Stance (Termination of the Unborn)
Abortions Available to Minors Without Parental Consent (Illinois - D)
Support for Tax Payer-Funded Abortions
Support of Free Contraceptives / Contraceptives in Schools
Popular Vote Dominance / Big City Dominance
Working-class / Middle-class / Blue Collar
'White Educated Males' / Urban White Upper / Middle Class Voter
'Suburban White Women' Vote
Unwavering Minority Support
'The Youth Vote' (Student Loan Debt, Climate Change, Social Justice Causes, Gender Dysphoria)
'Bleeding Heart Liberals'
Progressive Social Stances
Open Calls to 'Defund' Police
Abolishment of All Prisons (Progressive Wing)
Support of Homeless on Public Lands / Enabling Homelessness
CNN / MSNBC / CNBC Media Wing (Party Propoganda Arm)
Far-Left Extremist / Anarchist / ANTIFA
Destruction / Removal of Public Landmarks Without Due Process
Open Threatening / Intimidation of Conservative SCOTUS Judges
Open Calls to Remove Conservative SCOTUS Justice Clarance Thomas
Social / Communist Leanings
Political Correctness (PC) Approach to Equality (1992 Onwards)
'Woke' / 'Going Woke' / Wokeism
Pro-Critical Race Theory (CRT) to Promote Equality
Support of Liberal DAs
Public Virtue Signaling (In Front of the Cameras, Social Media)
'White Guilt' / 'White Apology' Movement
Heavy Focus on Race / Gender Above Credentials
OPen Endorsement of Intimidation / Vandalism / Rioting as a 'Tool for Change'
Gender Dysphoria / 'Non-Binary'
Redefining Mothers as 'Birthing People'
Accepted Belief that 'Men Can Get Pregnant'
Trans Men / Nonbinary People Can Menstruate (A.O.C., Sept 2021)
Support of Gender-Affirming Health Treatments (Regardless of Age)
Social Justice Warrior (SJW) Movement
'Our Leaders Know Best' ('Sheeple')
More Likely to Give Up Individual Rights (COVID-19)
Neutral Towards Religion / God-less / Atheist / Anti-God / Anti-Religion
Anti-Evangelical Christian / Public Ridicule of the Evangelical Christian
Anti-Conservative Viewpoints
Active Support for Marginalization of Conservatives in Media, Politics
Open Ridicule / Debasement of the 'White Rural Voter'
Pro-Government Support of 'Handouts' to Select People Groups
Unfailing Mainstream Media Support (Left-Wing Media)
Celebrity Endorsements (Hollywood Support)
Anti-Trump / Anti-Trumpers
'Vote Blue No Matter Who' Battlecry (Regardless of Qualifications
'Offendotrons' (Taking Offense at All Costs)
Environmentlist / Climate Change Activist / Climate Extremism / 'Tree Hugger'
Gravitate Towards 'Rock Star' Candidates (Kennedy, B.Clinton, Obama)
Influenced / Swayed by Latest Societal / Socia Media Trends
40% Polled Would Defend American Soil from Direct Invasion (Quinnipiac Mar 2022 Poll)
Support of 'Cultural Appropriation'
Liberal Fiscal Policies / 'Tax-and-Spend' Policies / Tax the Wealthy
Printing Money / Societal handouts / Debt Forgiveness
Higher Taxes (Inevitably Passed on to Middle Class)
Rich Pay Their Fair Share ('Fair Share' as Defined by the Party)
'Steal from the Rich, Give to the Poor' Approach
'If it Moves, Tax It. If it Keeps Moving, Regulate It. If it Stops Moving, Subsidized it.'
Pro-Universal Income
'Spread the Wealth' / Forced Income Equity
Inflationary Fiscal Policies
Increased Industry Regulation (California, Illinois, New York) Driving Businesses Out
Anti-Corporation / Anti-Big Business
Anti-Small Business / Over-Regulation (California)
Anti-Coal / Anti-Oil / Fossil Fuels Industry
Pro-Union / 'Protect the Worker' (at the Expense of Businesses, Economy)
Diplomacy-First, Sanctions Second (Avoid War at All Costs; Throw Money at the Issue)
'All Electric Army' Vehicle Initiative (Rival China holds a vast majority of global battery supply)
Lax Immigration Laws / Lax Border Enforcement
'Soft on Crime' / Progressive Crime Policies / Liberal DAs
'Criminals are Victims' Approach to Justice
Lax China / N.Korea / Iran Approach
Torture Opposition (as it Relates to Military Intelligence)
ANTIFA (ANTI-FAscism) / Left-Wing Extremism (Rioting, Violence)
Enhanced Individual Privacy Laws (as it Relates to the Internet)
Focus on Gender 'Sensitivities' Over Training / Readiness / Prepardness
Focus on Racial Equality in the Ranks Over Training / Readiness / Prepardness
Military Enlistment Shortage (Due to COVID Vaccine Mandate / Forced Vaccinations)
Pro-Abortion (Termination of the Unborn / Mother's Rights Over the Fetus' Rights)
Defund Police / Police Reform / Abolish Police
Big City / Blue City Crime (Lax Enforcement / Punishment)
Prison Reform / Abolish Prisons
Environmentalism / Climate Change Activism / Climate Change Extremism
Anti-Voter ID Laws
No Proof-of-Citizenship Required to Vote
Support of Non-Citizens Voting in Local Elections
Anti-Death Penalty / Anti-Capital Punishment
Universal Healthcare / 'Healthcare for All' (Tax Payer / Middle-class Burden)
Universal Childcare / Permanent Child Tax Credit (Tax Payer / Middle-class Burden)
Student Loan Forgiveness for Some (Tax Payer / Middle-class Burden)
'Mother' Redefined as 'Birthing Parent' (NEA Proposal, July 2022))
'Cancel Culture' / Silencing Counterviews
Intimidation / Vandalism / Rioting as Justified Tool for Social Change
'Cultural Appropriation'
'Wokeism' / 'Going Woke'
Pro-LGBTQ+ / 'Gender Fluidity'
Pro-Transgender Participation in Sports
Drag Queens in Elementary Schools ('Drag Story Hour' NYC)
'Gender-Affirming' Treatments for Minors
Pro-Gay Marriage
Enabling Homelessness on Public Lands / Parks / Through-Ways
'Safe Smoking Kit' Government Handouts (in Regards to Drug Addiction)
'Criminals are Victims' Approach to Law and Order
Parents Labeled as 'Domestic Terrorists' in Childhood Education
Civil Rights Act
Voting Rights Act
'The Great Society'
Jim Crow Laws
Japanese-American Internment (Historical)
'Dixiecrat' History (Southern Segregationalists)
Authors of 'Jim Crow Laws'
Internment of Japanese-Americans During World War II (Historical - ExOrd 9066)
'Black Lives Matter' Movement (Support of Nationwide Riots and Protests of 2020)
Critical Race Theory (CRT) in Primary Education
'Race Over Qualifications' Stance When Judging Talent
'Affirmative Action' (Forced Diversity in All Industries Regardless of Talent)
'White Guilt' / 'White Apology'
Draconian COVID-19 Responses at Federal and State Levels
Industry Health Mandates / Vaccinations (Struck Down by SCOTUS)
Excessive Mandate Push Despite Historic Worker Shortage
Hypocrisy / Hypocritical Leadership (Jetting off to Red States for Beach Time / Relaxation)
Forced Experimental Vaccinations (or Risk Job Loss)
Clear Violation of Civil Liberties / Rights (Show Proof-of-Vaccination)
'War on the Unvaccinated' / Vaccinated-Unvaccinated Segregation
Support of Restrictions on the Unvaccinated
'COVID Hotline' (New Mexico (D) 2020, Allowed the Reporting of Violators to the State for Non-Compliance of COVID Rules)
Support of Internment of the Unvaccinated
Pro-Vaccine Passport Requirement
Disregard of 'Herd Immunity' / Disregard of Alternative COVID Treatments
Purge / Punish Anti-Vaccine Health Workers (Job Loss)
Disregard of 'Herd Immunity' / Disregard of Alternative COVID Treatments
Unconditional, Unwavering Trust and Support in CDC
'Moving the Goal Posts'
(CDC Leadership)
'Wear the Damn Mask!'
(Talk Down to the Unvaccinated)
Relaxation of Restrictions Ahead of Midterm Elections
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