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Democratic Party

Causes, Virtues, & Alignments

The following is a collection of actual and / or perceived causes, qualities, and alignments typically associated with the modern Democratic Party. The showcase may include actual core party values as well as perceptions (whether true or not) and official / unofficial stances of the party itself. This showcase includes all topics as viewed by party insiders, party outsiders, and survey results.
Expansion of Federal Government
Increased Government Power / Authority
'Sacrifice of the Few for the Benefit of the Many'
Social Safety Nets = More Productive Workforce
Short-Sighted Policy-Making
Tax-and-Spend Policies
Higher Taxes on the Wealthy
Higher Cost-of-Living
(Higher Taxes, Middle Class)
Reduced Military Spending
Weak Military Foreign Policy
Weak Economic Policies
Liberal Fiscal Policies
Abolishment of the Electoral College
Abolishment / Suspension of the Filibuster
Defund Police
Abolish Police
Gun Restrictions on Private Citizens
Increased IRS Power
(to Combat Fraud)
Expanding Supreme Court
(Packing the Court)
Environmentalism / Climate Change Activism
Anti-Voter ID Laws
Anti-Death Penalty / Capital Punishment
Universal Healthcare
Universal Childcare
Student Loan Forgiveness
Soft on Existing Immigration Laws
Non-Citizens Vote in Local Elections
'Soft on Crime' /
Progressive Crime Policies
Torture Opposition
Draconian COVID-19 Response
Overreaching Mandates
Black Lives Matter (BLM) Support
Critical Race Theory (CRT)
Social Justice Warriors (SJWs)
LGBT / Gender Fluidity Support
Minority Support
Progressive Party Wing
Socialist Party Wing
Marxist Leaning
Enhanced Individual Privacy Laws
Widespread Mainstream Media Support
High-Profile Celebrity Endorsements
Masters of Political Theater
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