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Doomsday Scenarios

Complete List of Predicted Global Catastrophes Since 1947

Experts have long since predicted various 'Doom-and-Gloom' events for the United States, mankind, or planet Earth itself. The Arctic has been melting since 1947 while oil reserves should have dried up by now and global famine was to have taken place three times over. Events listed below are in chronoligical order with most recent being listed first.
Why Wildfires Happen: Debunking the Myth That Arson is to Blame More Than Climate Change - CNN (Aug.2023); on the Greek Wildfires, 160 persons since arrested for arson
'The era of global warming has ended, the era of global boiling has arrived.' - UN Sec.Gen (July.2023)
'California could lose up to 70% of its beaches by 2100, study finds' - KTLA (Jun.2023)
'A top climate scientist is warning that climate change will wipe out all of humanity unless we stop using fossil fuels over the next five years' - G.Thunberg (Jun.2018)
There will be no ice in the Arctic in 5 years - Fmr.Sen J.Kerry(D) (2014)
'Climate Chaos' to Arrive in 500 Days (2014)
The Arctic to be Devoid of All Ice by 2015 (2013)
No Ice in the Arctic by 2014 - Fmr.VP A.Gore (2009)
Humanity to Have 50 Days to Save Itself - UK PM G.Brown (2009)
Humanity Has 8 Years to Save Itself - Prince Charles, UK (2009)
No Ice in the Arctic by 2013 - Fmr.VP A.Gore (2008)
Global Warming to Claim All Ice in the Arctic by 2018 (2008)
'...unless drastic measures to reduce greenhouse gases are taken within the next 10 years, the world will reach a point of no return, [Al] Gore said.' - J.Schiff (Jan.2006)
Global Warming to Generate 'Super Hurricanes' (2006)
Rising Sea Levels to Claim Manhattan by 2015 (2005)
Britain to Experience Siberian-Like Temperatures Due to Global Warming (2004)
If Humanity Continues Consuming Meat, Famine Unavoidable in 10 Years Time (2002)
Future Generations Will not Experience Snowfall Due to Global Warming (2000)
Oil Volume to Peak in the Year 2020 (1996)
Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked - UN via AP (Jun.1989)
Rising Sea Levels to Claim West Side highway of NYC by 2019 (1989)
Rising Sea Levels to Decimate Coastal Countries by 2000 (1989)
Maldives to Be Underwater by the Year 2018 (1988)
Record Temperatures Predicted for Washington, D.C. (1988)
Regional Droughts to Hammer the 1990s (1988)
Oil Volume to Peak in the Year 2000 (1980)
Acid Rain Affecting Aquatic Life in Lakes (1980)
30-Year Global Cooling Trend to Continue (1978)
Oil Volume to Peak in the 1990s - U.S. Dept of Energy (1977)
With Science Showing a Gradual Cooling of Our Planet, Global Famine to Become Dominant Issue (1976)
Ozone Depletion is Everyone's Problem; the Great Peril to Life' (1974)
Another Ice Age for Humanity Predicted (1974)
Satellite Photography Points to Impending, Unavoidable Ice Age (1974)
Global Oil Reserves to be Depleted in 20 Years (1972)
Major Ice Age to Come by the Year 2070 (1972)
Major Ice Age to Come by the Year 2020 or 2030 (1971)
Major Food Rationing to Hit America by 1974 (1970)
Major Water Rationing to Hit America by 1980 (1970)
Major Ice Age to Come by the Year 2000 (1970)
Beware the Killer Bees (1970)
Unchecked Pollution will Kill all Sea Life (1970)
Uncontrollable Nitrogen Buildup will Destroy all Usable Land Globally (1970)
All Urban Dwellers will Require Breathing by Gas Masks by the Year 1985 (1970)
All Global Natural Resources will be Expended by 2000 (1970)
'Expert Says Arctic Ocean Will Soon Be an Open Sea; Catastrophic Shifts in Climate Feared if Change Occurs Other Specialists See no Thinning of Polar Ice Cap' - New York Times (Feb.1969)
All Humanity Will be Taken by a Cloud of Blue Steam by the Year 1989 (1969)
'The battle to feed all of humanity is over. In the 1970s the world will undergo famines-hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now. At this late date nothing can prevent a substantial increase in the world death rate.' - P.Ehrlich, The Population Bomb (1968)
Over Population Will Become a Global Issue (1968)
Heavy Global Famine to Come by 1975 (1967)
All Oil Reserves will be Gone in 10 Years Time (1966)
'Domes' Over Cities Urged to Cut Climate Extremes - New York Times (Sep.1953)
Warming Arctic Climate Melting Glaciers Faster, Raising Ocean level, Scientist Says - G.Hillspecial (May.1947)
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