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Red State Safe Havens

In the Land of the Super-Majority

The Great Covid Craze of 2020-2023 opened the doors to a mass exodous of people abandoning oppressive Blue State regimes in favor of the greener pastures inherent to Red States with tens of thousands of escapees emerging from their bunkers in California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey. Red States like Florida, Texas, and Tennessee all saw increases in new arrivals as a result, those Americans seeking a better quality of life centered on traditional values, law and order, love of country and the Constitution, and a lower cost of living. Truth be told, no one Blue Haven saw an increase in population to the levels Red States - particularly in the South - have seen in the post-Covid world.

The numbers dont lie; in 2022 alone notable population drops were seen in Blue States as follows: California -350,000; New York -300,000; Illinois -140,000; New Jersey -64,231; Massachusetts -57,292; Pennsylvania -39,957 (also note that Illinois is in its NINTH year of population decline, a once-respectable state in the 1980s when it was reliably Red is now firmly entrenched as Blue).

Looking to escape your Blue State prison in post-Covid America? Well not all Red States are created equally. Below is a showcase of those Red States with Republican Governors, Republican-dominated State Legislatures, and Republican super-majorities (that is, greater than one-half control) in their state-level governments. Conservatives seek a relatively simple life akin to the original American: reduced government size, reduced government control, inherent child protections (from gender reassignment, Drag Queen Story Hour, etc...), 'right-to-life' protections for the unborn, religious freedom, fiscal conservatism, an adherence to the Constitution, honoring the American flag for all it stands for, supporting military personnel and their families, supporting local law enforcement, acknowledgment of the 2nd Amendment without government interference and restriction, homesteading, and homeschooling.
Map showing red states conservatives can safely flee to
For 2023 the list of Red State Havens are: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida (no state income tax), Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota (no state income tax), Tennessee (no state income tax), Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming (no state income tax). Note that most of the states with no state income tax are Republican (Alaska-R, New Hampshire-D, Nevada-D, Texas-R, and Washington-D round out the list - with the exception of Alaska and Texas, all former Red Enclaves having since turned Blue or Swing).
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