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U.S. Presidents to Die in Office

A Job That Takes a Heavy Toll on a Man

William Henry Harrison (D-R), April 4th, 1841
(Pneumonia, succeeded by John Tyler),
First U.S. President to die in office, dying just 31 days after inauguration.

Zachary Taylor (Whig), July 9th, 1850
(Disease, succeeded by Millard Fillmore),
Died 16 months into his term.

Abraham Lincoln (R), April 15th, 1865
(Assassination, succeeded by Andrew Johnson)

James A. Garfield (R), September 19th, 1881
(Assassination, succeeded by Chester A. Arthur),
Died just 6 months into his term from septic shock, 2 months after being shot by an assassin.

William McKinley (R), September 14th, 1901
(Assassination, succeeded by Theodore Roosevelt),

Warren G. Harding (R), August 2nd, 1923
(Natural Causes, succeeded by Calvin Coolidge),

Franklin D. Roosevelt (D), April 12th, 1945
(Natural Causes, succeeded by Harry S. Truman),

John F. Kennedy (D), November 22nd, 1963
(Assassination, succeeded by Lyndon B. Johnson),
Most recent American president to have been assassinated, most recent to have died in office.
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