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"But no amendment - no amendment to the Constitution is absolute."

- Joe R. Biden 4/8/2021

AmericanPresidents.net showcases a comprehensive look at past and present U.S. Presidential Elections since 1960 - the first election cycle to include new states Alaska and Hawaii (with Washington, D.C. to follow in the next). Utilizing trending voter patterns (as opposed to general polling of select groups, which has shown itself to be rather unreliable), this site takes a unique statistical 'by-the-numbers' approach to the upcoming presidential election cycle.
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"The promise of the Biden presidency — knowledge, competence and stability in tough times — have all been called into question."
- Democratic Pollster Jeff Horwitt
True Approval Rating Index (T.A.R.i.)

Portait image of President Joey Biden
[ T.A.R.i. Rating as of August 8th, 2022 ]
Approval Trending: DOWN (-2.8%)
Value Represents Approximately 11,777,028 of Original Biden Voters of 2020.

Economic Recession
High / Rising Inflation
High / Rising Consumer Costs
High / Rising Energy Costs
High Gas Prices
Supply Chain Issues
Southern Border Crisis
Gun Violence
High / Rising Big City Crime
Voter Confidence
China / Taiwan Tensions
Regional Chinese Aggression
Abortion Rights Protection
Baby Formula Shortage
War in Ukraine
Debt Forgiveness
Climate Change Legislation
Inflation Reduction Act*
'Build Back Better' Legislation*
Law Enforcement / Criminal Justice Reform
COVID-19 Pandemic Response
Voting Rights Legislation
National Unity
Afghanistan Withdrawal

NOTES: Issues above shown in black have either been suspended, abandoned, or ended by the Administration, either officially or unofficially; *Unable to pass BBB in its original form, Dems rebranded it to become the stripped-down 'Inflation Reduction Act'.

The True Approval Rating Index (TARi) is our in-house formula for determining the current 'true' approval rating of the President; this involves factors such as election victory percentage, current voting group approval numbers, and applicable modifiers. View the TARi page.
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Life Under the Banner of 'Blue Rule'

With the election of Joe Biden in 2020 - completing the Triple Crown of national control of America (the Presidency, House, and Senate) by the Democratic Party - the country has gotten a healthy dose of life under complete Democratic Party rule. 81,268,924 American voters, against the will of 74,216,154 voters, accepted the following:

Full-Blown Economic Recession (Despite Redefining the Word Itself)
Weaponizing of the Justice Department (Raiding a Former President's Home)
Expansion of the IRS (Under the Guise of Combatting Corruption)
Disastrous Withdrawal from Afghanistan leading to the deaths of 13 U.S. Marines killed in Kabul Blast (August 2021)
A President Polling Worst than Trump
Short-Sighted Policy-Making / Misplaced Policy Focus
Furthering the Liberal / Progressive Agenda
Ebbing Away at Traditional America / American Values
Baby Formula Shortages
Supply Chain Issues
$7-a-Gallon Gasoline
('Pain at the Pump')
6% Home Loan Interest Rates
Increased Corporate Taxes (Leading to Increases in Consumer Costs)
Slow to React Federal Reserve (Inflation Being 'Transitory')
DOW Under 30,000 Points
Uncontrolled 'Tax-and-Spend' Policies
Inability to Define the Term 'Female'
National Division By Way of Party Rhetoric
Marginalization of Conservative Viewpoints by Mainstream Media
Political Theater / Televised Witchhunt
(Jan 6th Committee)
Student Loan / Debt Forgiveness by Way of the American Taxpayer
Reinterpretation of Title IX (Protection of Women's Sports)
Rising Energy Costs
Rising / Increased Cost of Living
Rising Crime / Liberal DAs
Foreign Energy Dependence (Refusal to Drill Locally; Cancellation of Keystone Pipeline)
Involvement in a Foreign War (Ukraine) with Over $40 Billion USD Committed
'Transitory' Inflation (Becoming Crippling Inflation)
Threat of 'Stagflation'
'Bear' Market / Economic Downturn
Following the Science (When Convenient)
Forced, Unconstitutional Vaccinations (Partly Struck Down by Supreme Court)
Pourous Southern Border Enforcement (While Punishing Border Patrol Agents)
Free 'Safe' Drug Kits to Drug Addicts
Heavy focus on Race and Gender Issues
Attempted Establishment of a 'Ministry of Truth' (May 2022)
An Emboldened China, Iran, and North Korea
Increasing China-Taiwan Tensions (N.Pelosi Visit, August 2022)
Travel Mask Mandates
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